The SPIDER STIB project is carried out by DIGINEXT in order to reorganize the operational transport information system for the STIB which is the public transport operator of the Brussel area.

Facilitate and optimize the management of the IV (improve the Marketing department efficiency), this involves the implementation of :

  • tools for centralized management of IV channels,
  • a single library,
  • remote tools for updating equipment Management,
  • automatic dissemination of information according to external events

The new information system architecture is built upon the product MobilitX.

MobilitX is a real-time high performance reliable backbone dedicated to high-speed and massive transport information exchange. MobilitX gathers all the information related to transport, the reference information as well as the real time information, producing added value services and information, and delivering the information to the transport actors and the passengers.

MobilitX implements the European standards of the transport sector: Transmodel (EN 12896) IFOPT (EN 28701), NeTEx, SIRI) as well as proprietary interfaces.

In operation since: September 2017 (Hub+Situation Management)

Fixed Equipments : Mid 2019, Onboard Vehicle : End 2019

Information provided by: DIGINEXT

Target users/location

SPIDER system is dedicated to the Public Transport Operator of the city of BRUSSELS (STIB).

Implementation scope

  • Time saving (Real time information of all travelers), by setting up a central, flexible and efficient tool adapted to programming and real-time broadcasting. IV on the entire network
  • Standardize the Passenger Information, this means setting up a technical solution that facilitates evolutions and interactions with other systems, reduces development costs and maintenance costs
  • Enrich the IV, no longer be limited to waiting times and the next stop and make available to travelers maximum information available and keep the flexibility to adapt the information disseminated.
  • Improve reliability, support the growth of channels, reduce the number of systems, better understanding of data flows


SPIDER STIB system implements the following parts of Transmodel & IFOPT:

  • Network topology
  • Timetables
  • Passenger Information
  • Situation Management
  • Accessibility
  • Facility Management


HUB and integrator of transport data from heterogeneous systems:

  • Multimode, multi operators
  • Centralizated Real Time Situation Management
  • Common data repository natively compliant with Transmodel

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