This page collects the papers and presentations coming from dissemination activities carried out by Transmodel experts Team.


Transmodel, NeTEx & UK Transport data

Transmodel, NeTEx & UK Transport data (Download)

Open Data since 2010

Open Data since 2010 (Download)

Transmodel UITP 2019

Transmodel UITP 2019 (Download)

WGT7 Organisation Group Support

WGT7 Organisation Group Support (Download)

CEN PT Standards Overview

CEN PT Standards Overview (Download)

General meeting on the Priority Action A

General meeting on the Priority Action A, Nov 2018 (Download)


Transmodel presentation, TRA2018, Vienna, MagĀ 2018 (Download)

ISEP 2017 Congress

Transmodel presentation, ISEP Congress, Ljubljana, MarĀ 2017 (Download)  

ITS WorldCongress 2015

Transmodel EPTIS NeTEx presentation, ITS World Congress, Bordeaux, Oct 2015 (Download)    

ITS China

Presentation on Data and Interface Standards, Beijing, July 2012 (Download)  

Workshop 2010-04

Transmodel Workshop, ISO TC204 WG8, New Orleans, Apr 2010 (Download)  

Workshop FC++ TAIEX

Presentation on Fare Collection, TAIEX Workshop on public transit travellers information systems, Tel-Aviv, Sep 2008 (Download)