General information

The urban service of the city of Catania stretches to the municipalities of Aci Castello, San Pietro Clarenza, Mascalucia and also reaches the town of Vaccarizzo, south of the city.

Approximately fifty ordinary lines operate the service, a quick shuttle (“Alibus”) connects the center to the airport and a quick shuttle (“BRT”) connects the Two Obelisks Parking with Stesicoro Square. The latter is the first of four lines provided by the Municipality of Catania with preferential lanes;


The Exbus – AVM (Automatic vehicle monitoring) in operation is compliant with Transmodel and developed under ORACLE DBMS.


Target users

Catania city – Approximately 400 bus , 1100 stops


Service Data version, Transport Network Topology , Line/route description, Vehicle Data, Run data, running times, Drivers shifts, Driver shifts assignments, Final data of shifts, final data of passing time, Vehicle alarms, Depot data.