Transmodel at a glance

Transmodel White Papers

It is possible to download the following White Papers:


It is possible to download the following tutorials:

Data Models

Data Dictionary

Data definitions are available here: TRM6_DataDefinitions

An overall Data Dictionary, for Parts 1-8 all together is published in the Technical Report CEN/TR 12896 – 9, available from your national standardisation body.

For more information on Transmodel v6 an explicit request has to be made by sending an email to info <at>

Methodology used in Transmodel

For more details about the methodology used in Transmodel you can download the following short guide: Use of UML in Transmodel.

ITS Directive 2010/40/E

Priority Action A, supplementing Directive 2010/40/EU with regard to the provision of EU-wide multimodal travel information services.


  • Transmodel Documentation and relevant materials will be available on GitHub shortly